Why Creating Valuable B2B Content Can’t Wait

Creating Valuable B2B Content Can’t Wait

Why Creating Valuable B2B Content Can’t Wait

Here's a startling statistic. 60% of the sales cycle is over before a buyer talks to your salesperson.

If you already produce valuable content (like blog posts, case studies, social media posts and how-to videos), that statistic should make you smile. But if you’re not confident in your content, this is your wake-up call.

It used to be that salespeople opened the doors to new business.

In other words, you approached prospects. Marketing content – including the information on your website and social media – was a secondary sales tool.

Those days are gone.

As this statistic shows, prospects aren’t waiting around for you to approach them. They’re using search engines to find reviews and compare options, and social media to see what thought leaders have to say.

Brand guru John Morgan, author of the book “Brand Against the Machine,” takes the idea a step further. He says that if you’re still cold calling, you’re hurting your brand. You don’t like to be interrupted with unwelcome and unwanted calls; neither do your prospects.

Great content can’t wait.

If your content shows up prominently in search engines and social media, you’re on your prospects’ radar. If your content helps them solve a problem and builds trust in your company, you’re in contention. But if you’re not creating this type of content, you’re not part of the conversation. In fact, your company might not even be under consideration.

Be part of the conversation.

Get started now by learning what kind of blog posts you can write to provide value and how to be a good social citizen.