In 2020, resolve to set goals. And then work toward them.

In 2020, resolve to set goals. And then work toward them.

Truth be told, I’ve never been on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon. I am self-aware enough to know a new number on a calendar isn’t going to spur change within myself. It seems I am not alone, as a mere 8% of those who make resolutions stick to them.*


Instead I believe in setting and working to achieve goals.

It is the end of a year. It seems like a great time to set goals. In just a few days, I encourage you to ditch making New Year’s resolutions for your business and set some marketing goals you can work toward achieving throughout the year.


Goals need to be measurable. That’s how you know you’re actually moving that darn needle. Therefore, I can’t give you a list of goals to pick from. But I can give you some framework to set those goals.


Data + Information = Insights


If you know me well, you know we are not making it through this post without talking about data. And while I agree it is important and helpful, I think the real untapped opportunity is not in gathering more data but in analyzing information gathered from existing data to gain INSIGHTS.


In 2020, set a goal to analyze your customer and sales information regularly to gain insights. And then share those insights internally with your sales team and externally with your agency. Your agency can use those insights to refine your marketing strategy.


Without customer and sales insights your marketing may become irrelevant noise and your audience might tune you out. You don’t want to just make noise. You want to make the right noise.


Invest and Evolve.


Marketing requires investment, evolution and more investment. I have been in the marketing business for more than 20 years and I often sit across the table from a client who wants to create a couple marketing pieces, launch them and then not think about marketing anymore. The real ROI of marketing comes when you’re willing to invest in marketing, implement, measure, adjust and repeat.


A goal for 2020 should be to partner with an agency who will create a custom marketing plan with multichannel tactics which yield measurable results that help you reach your business goals. Based on results, your agency will provide insights on how to evolve your marketing to amplify your investment on a recurring basis. Marketing is not a “one and done” or “set it and forget it” activity.


Build Trust. Brand Strength Will Follow.


I must admit I am guilty of telling clients to focus on building their brand’s strength because it results in brand champions. While brand strength is still important, I now think building trust with customers should be your goal. Your brand’s strength will follow.


According to Saleforce, 54% of customers do not believe companies have their best interests in mind.** If they don’t think you have their best interests in mind, why would they buy what you are selling? And they certainly won’t become loyal customers.


There are many ways to build trust. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Put your customers and their best interests at the center of your marketing, sales and customer service.
  • Communication is a two-way street. You are communicating with them in various ways – emails, phone calls, digital ads, direct mail and more. Give them the opportunity to communicate with you on social channels, online review sites, blogs and in person.
  • AND THEN, use their content to promote your brand. In other words, collaborate with your customers.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, customers are much more willing to share information with your business if they trust your business. They’ll even exchange data for a better customer experience.** This trust goal will consequently help you gain insights.


Happy 2020 and I look forward to hearing more about your goals.


Desiree Trimble is either a strategic creative or a creative strategist, data nerd and branding geek, working as a strategist for Hellman. Send her a message at or connect with her on LinkedIn.