How to Create a Product Launch Plan Like Don Draper

How to Create a Product Launch

How to Create a Product Launch Plan Like Don Draper

So you're prepping for a B2B product launch, and can't help but ask "How do I do something awesome like Apple?"

We say, "Do something different."

Don't think of Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck. Think of Don Draper in his suave gray suit.

As a pitchman, Don gives Steve a run for his money. And here's how that applies to your B2B product launch plan:

Tell a compelling story.

When Don pitches the name for the new Kodak product, “The Carousel,” he tells a story so compelling, his own creative staff weeps. Dig deep and decide what makes your product’s story truly compelling and emotional.

Give your story structure.

Start by writing your product’s story using the simple beginning, middle, end formula. Beginning: the original problem and the drama surrounding it. Middle: explain insights or breakthrough technologies you used to develop a product to solve this problem. End: proof points of how your product solves the problem AND goes beyond.

Don-check your creative.

“Mark your man.” In the first season of the Mad Men, Don explains how this simple line for the fictional Belle Jolie lipstick is truly brilliant. Judge your potential campaign slogans by this same standard. Your slogan should be simple. Then fill in these blanks: “You’ve given every __________ who uses your product the gift of __________.”

Do something different.

When the Belle Jolie businessman rejects the idea of focusing on just one color of lipstick, Don argues, “You already tried your plan, and you’re number 4.” Maybe what you’ve done to launch products in the past worked, but how well? Don’t be afraid to try new strategies, tactics, slogans, themes, etc.

Time it perfectly.

Don and Steve are both geniuses when it comes to timing. They perfectly time their pitches from beginning to middle to end.

We've created a handy B2B Product Launch Planner that helps you time your product pitch perfectly, too. Download it now and prepare for your very own Don Draper product launch.