How to Create Your Content Strategy in 3 Baby Steps

Content Strategy Baby Steps to Creating Content

How to Create Your Content Strategy in 3 Baby Steps

Here's one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard for creating a content strategy.

Mack Collier, #BlogChat founder, relates content strategy to the way baby products brand Graco launched its blog.

You, too, can create an effective content strategy using these three "baby" steps.

Step 1. Identify your audience.

Graco spent several months analyzing online conversations about its products. Once the company understood what the conversation was, they were able to identify their core audience: young parents with young children.

Step 2. Learn what interests your audience.

Graco found that these young parents were new to marriage and parenthood. They were looking for guidance and answers to their questions about both topics.

Step 3. Decide who will create the content.

Graco recruited members of the very audience they were trying to reach to write blog posts. Their strategy was a success. Eighteen months after the blog’s launch, online mentions of Graco had almost doubled, and positive mentions had increased from 68% to 83%.