CAD Files: Your #1 Untapped Marketing Tool

CAD Files: Your #1 Untapped Marketing Tool

A detailed marketing strategy.

Approved features and benefits.

Researched media buys.

There’s a standard short list of must-haves for bringing a product to market.



But what about 3D CAD files?


That’s right – CAD files. In the hands of the right agency, what was once tucked away in your engineers’ desktops could become your most powerful marketing tool.



What is CAD?


CAD stands for computer-aided design. Engineers use CAD software to design curves, surfaces and solids in a 3D space. When creating a new product, a CAD file and a 3D CAD model can serve as the blueprint for the entire project.

But rendered images from 3D CAD files are crude and downright unattractive. How could you possibly use them in your marketing?

That’s where an agency comes in – with a team of skilled animators.



What Can an Agency Do with Your CAD Files?


Experienced animators with the right technical backgrounds can review your CAD file – then organize, texture, light and render it – and turn it into a photorealistic image, viewable at any angle.

In other words, an animator will use an artist’s eye to make your product realistic, beautiful and sellable – even if your product doesn’t exist yet.

And, an animator who works with an agency can then seamlessly transition your photorealistic images into the next stage, whether that’s placing beauty shots into a brochure design or animating moving parts for video.



When Should I Contact an Agency?


There are lots of situations where creating photorealistic images from your CAD files would be advantageous, including when:

  • Prototypes aren’t ready for photography
  • A photo or video shoot would be difficult, expensive, or just plain impossible because the product doesn’t exist yet

Or when you want to:

  • Create cut-away or exploded-view images – great for tech-minded audiences – without destroying your product
  • Offer sneak-peaks and build hype about products in their infancy
  • Excite your customers and fire up your sales force
  • Develop all of your marketing materials prior to your product launch


Got a CAD file? Then you’ve got the beginnings of a great marketing tool. An agency and their animators can show you how to turn your early ideas into a beautiful – and profitable – reality.