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The Phases of Video Production

How it Works: The Phases of Video Production

Video can be a compelling, informative and entertaining way to present your company, brand and product. But how do you start? What does it take? How do you get from idea to finished product? Taking an idea from conception to completion can seem daunting, but with...

A Recipe for Understanding Inbound Marketing

A Recipe for Understanding Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is like your great grandmother’s layered chocolate fudge cake. It’s rich. It’s satisfying. And you don’t feel complete without it. When it comes to inbound marketing, your business isn’t complete without it. Inbound marketing--or Internet marketing--is a strategy of offering useful content and engaging with...

How To Use Pinterest for B2B Marketing

How To Use Pinterest for B2B Marketing

We are well into the Image Age, meaning pure content without pretty pictures is no longer an option. To remain relevant, your website must have good form and good content, no exceptions. Pinterest is an example of the major shift toward visual media. Pinterest is a huge network of digital...

Rocket Product Launch

All Systems Go: A B2B Product Launch Checklist

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 … blast off. A B2B product launch isn’t rocket science. But there is a science to it. Your marketing campaign can be the difference between "mission accomplished" and "failure to launch." Here’s how to prepare for marketing your B2B product launch. Step 1. Determine your goals, and when...

When to Use a Microsite

I’ll Have the Special: When to Use a Microsite

"Does our project need a microsite?" It's one of the questions that our B2B clients ask most. Our answer: "It depends." The microsite can be mightier than the website. But it's not right for every marketing situation. Before we share the right time to create a microsite,...