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Content Strategy Baby Steps to Creating Content

How to Create Your Content Strategy in 3 Baby Steps

Here's one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard for creating a content strategy. Mack Collier, #BlogChat founder, relates content strategy to the way baby products brand Graco launched its blog. You, too, can create an effective content strategy using these three "baby" steps. Step 1. Identify your audience. Graco spent...

3 Keys to Effective Content Marketing

Top 3 Keys to Effective Content for B2B Marketers (Plus a Confidence Boost)

Just 36% of B2B marketers believe they are effective at content marketing. So says Ann Handley of Marketing Profs. That statistic tells us there are two challenges that B2B content marketers must face: We need to know what makes content effective.  We need more confidence. Check out Handley's three keys...

Creating Valuable B2B Content Can’t Wait

Why Creating Valuable B2B Content Can’t Wait

Here's a startling statistic. 60% of the sales cycle is over before a buyer talks to your salesperson. If you already produce valuable content (like blog posts, case studies, social media posts and how-to videos), that statistic should make you smile. But if you’re not confident in...

How to Write an Advertising Tagline

How to Write an Advertising Tagline: A Distilling Process

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but a bad tagline will just stink up the joint. Here’s how not to offend your olfactory system – and your customers. A great poem by Emily Dickinson suggests that rose oil and poetry have a lot...

Mighty Manifesto

Build Your Brand with a Mighty Manifesto

Marketing manifestos are the coolest. A manifesto adds personality, authenticity and believability to your brand when done right. So, what’s a manifesto? It's a written statement that publicly declares your intentions, motives or views. In other words, it’s a declaration of who you are and what you believe...

Email Marketing Strategy

B2B Email Marketing Strategy Checklist

Your customers get more and more email every day. From family members sharing their latest cooking creations, to demands for the latest sales report, your customers’ inboxes are crammed full. http:///how-to-be-a-good-social-citizen/ In fact, according to Baydin, an email productivity company, an average email user gets approximately 147 emails...

Tricks of the Trade Show

8 Tricks of the Trade Show

Trade shows are a tried-and-true way to generate new prospects, capture qualified leads and close sales. But you can make your next trade show even more effective with these technology-based tricks. 1. Create a trade-show specific landing page. If you do one thing on this list, do this....

How To Be A Good Social Citizen

How To Be A Good Social Citizen

Your digital life and real life aren’t separate entities, but are intertwined. Manners, courtesy and general social constructs still exist online. Your efforts to be a good citizen translate to the Web. So take a second to ask yourself: Are you a good SOCIAL citizen? If you’re...

How to Create a Product Launch

How to Create a Product Launch Plan Like Don Draper

So you're prepping for a B2B product launch, and can't help but ask "How do I do something awesome like Apple?" We say, "Do something different." Don't think of Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck. Think of Don Draper in his suave gray suit. As a pitchman, Don...

The Phases of Video Production

Show and Tell: 3 Keys to Using Video in B2B Marketing

“What’s the most compelling way to share my brand’s story?” We get that question a lot. What our clients don’t realize is that they already know the answer. They learned it in kindergarten: show and tell. (Who knew your kindergarten teacher was a marketing genius?) Think back...

5 Types of Blog Posts that Provide Value

5 Types of Blog Posts that Provide Value

A blog post must provide value to your readers. Otherwise, it won't get read. Value can take many forms – from enlightenment to entertainment. Here are a few tried and true examples. 1. The List Post If you're looking for an example of a traditional “list” post, look...