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At Hellman, we’re more than just another full-service creative agency. We bring “what if” together with “what works,” with a not-so-subtle preference for “what’s new.” That’s why our clients choose us for marketing solutions, product launches, brand building, and more. To sum it up, we’re not yes-men looking for a paycheck. We’re your partner, compadre, amigo, accomplice, conspirator, and collaborator in marketing.


If you’re looking for original ideas designed to break the mold paired with proven methods that work, Hellman is the right agency for you.


More Than 50 Years of Success


Our founder, Bob Hellman, had a simple dream—to start a graphic design and art direction studio. With a net working capital investment of just $400, he set up shop in Waterloo, IA, in 1967. Over the next five decades, our small company would graduate to a full-service, employee-owned creative agency.


We may have grown, but the old-fashioned values that built the company still define us today. Here, we deliver high-quality creative products on-time and on budget.

Meet the Team

From our pop-culture connoisseurs to adventure junkies, Hellmanites have plenty of passions.

Find out a little more about Hellman’s A-team.

Business Development Strategist

Elizabeth Anderson

  • Is a certified scuba diver, but is allergic to fire coral
  • Knows how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, and cheers in seven languages
  • Can saber a bottle of champagne

Account Manager

Nancy Demro

  • Loves being a Grandma
  • Has an African Grey parrot that sings the Iowa Fight song
  • Enjoys trying new crafts and loves baking

Director of Video Production

Jason Fliehler

  • Has filmed a house fire from inside the house
  • Is learning how to perfect a Minnesota accent
  • Once spent 10 days in Israel producing a documentary

Business Development Strategist

Dwight Fritts III

  • Was a gymnast and hockey player in high school
  • Was a public address announcer for the Waterloo Black Hawks Hockey Team
  • Creates a Christmas music compilation CD for family and friends every year

Senior Writer

Jen Gilbert

  • Is 4’11”, but got over it a long time ago
  • Secretly wants to be a food blogger
  • Is also known as “Super Jen,” for reasons she can’t quite recall

Art Director

Jamie Gray

  • Has brewed her own beer before and designed the labels
  • Can do a headstand
  • Is a music junkie


Michele Jensen

  • Regularly enjoys a bowl of ice cream before bed
  • Fought through a Gulf of Mexico riptide while family/friends happily frolicked in fun and sun with little concern for her imminent peril
  • Finds hearing people crack their necks to be the most cringe inducing experience

Office Manager

Denise Launderville

  • Absolutely hates winter
  • Loves to craft and make things for her friends and family
  • Hates math

Vice President/Creative Director

Tony Luetkehans

  • Is still pronouncing his last name for people intimidated by its phonetic directness
  • Favorite actor is Robert Mitchum
  • Favorite filmmaker is Werner Herzog

Associate Creative Director

Matt Miller

  • Is a die-hard fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Could eat pizza, wings, and steak for every meal
  • Ron Swanson is his hero

Account Manager

Kimberly Rogers

  • Owns over 75 pairs of shoes
  • Can recite/sing the 50 states in alphabetical order
  • Is obsessed with all things Halloween

Senior Art Director

Daryl Sanders

  • Has 10 Eagle Scouts in his family
  • Comes from a family of 13 boys in a row
  • Loves backpacking and canoeing


Laura Smith

  • Drinks way too much of the Aldi’s brand of La Croix
  • UnIronically loves her Christmas birthday (it’s the day after, but close enough)
  • Ideal day off is spent in yoga pants, drinking coffee and reading a good book

Art Director

Aaron Sweeny

  • Likes cats
  • Likes movies
  • Likes books

Marketing Strategist

Desiree Trimble

  • Relieves stress by taking her 2005 Ford Mustang for a long drive
  • Finds touching chalk, Styrofoam, or cotton balls repulsive
  • Believes tacos should be a required daily food group


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