Show and Tell: 3 Keys to Using Video in B2B Marketing

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Show and Tell: 3 Keys to Using Video in B2B Marketing

“What’s the most compelling way to share my brand’s story?” We get that question a lot.

What our clients don’t realize is that they already know the answer. They learned it in kindergarten: show and tell. (Who knew your kindergarten teacher was a marketing genius?)

Think back... Your classmates were wiggling on their carpet squares in anticipation to see what you brought. And you couldn’t wait to share its story.

For communication specialists, show and tell takes the form of marketing videos. Sharing your story through sight and sound is just as powerful today as it was back in the days of snack time, story time and nap time.

Effective B2B marketing videos have three key elements in common:

1. A simple message.

You have a limited time to engage the viewer. That means every second counts. Focus on one simple message. Limit the content to 1-3 main ideas and a handful of supporting points.

2. Show-stopping sight and sound.

Again: you must engage your viewers. Keep them captivated. Some things that might interest them include customer testimonials, insight from opinion leaders, or 2D and 3D animation to show processes that usually require lengthy explanations. Choose your music carefully as it can make or break your video's flow.

3. A clear call to action.

Tell viewers what you want them to do after watching the video, and then ask them to do it. The call to action depends on the goal of your video. For example, you may want them to visit a landing page, fill out a form on a microsite, or call you for more information.

If you did your show and tell right in kindergarten, you got a gold star. If you do your show and tell right as a communications specialist, you get something even better: the big sale.

What B2B marketing video tips do you have to share? We want to hear from you.