11 Ways to Get Better Results From Your Ad Agency

11 Ways to Get Better Results From Your Ad Agency

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about client/agency relationships. Or perhaps a better word is "partnership." Either way, good communication is key, and there’s always room for improvement.

There’s plenty of literature out there about ways agencies can nurture the relationship. But we wanted to hear both sides.

So, we reached out to one of our experienced client contacts and asked:

What tips can clients use when working with ad agencies – especially clients who are new to marketing?

We liked his answer so much we asked if we could share it. It is reprinted here with his permission.


If I were advising people how to get good results with an ad agency, here are 11 things I would discuss:

  1. Whether it’s a single ad or a complete strategy, know what you want before you ask an agency to produce it.

  2. Ask for clear, straightforward ideas.

  3. Allow your agency enough time to write short copy. It takes more skill than long copy.

  4. Appoint one person in your firm to be your agency contact. It’s easy for committees to say no. One person needs the authority to say yes so work can move forward.

  5. Establish clear metrics. Your agency needs to know how you will measure success.

  6. Give your agency the budget to produce the results you need. A plane won’t fly below its takeoff speed. Neither will advertising.

  7. Understand the value of consistency. A great idea done right can work for you for years.

  8. Make sure you and your agency think like your customers. Your customers don’t care about you. They care about what your products do for them.

  9. Show – don’t just tell. There’s a reason we spend 20 minutes a day reading newspapers and four hours a day watching video.
  10. Give your agency the security to fail. They will walk through fire for you if they know you trust them to keep trying until they succeed.

  11. Celebrate great work, and thank the agency people who create it.  When your agency wins, it’s because they helped you win first.