Switch Your Switch Campaign

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The Goal

To help secure face-to-face meetings with engineers and decision-makers at five major heavy truck manufacturers.

Our Solution

Getting a sample of the new pressure switch into the hands of the target audience was the power play we felt this client needed. We created a special direct mail package that would place a switch on the desk of the recipient, where it couldn’t be ignored.

The campaign kicked off with a teaser postcard, which was followed up with an intriguing box mailer. It delivered an actual switch, packaged inside a gift—a Pelican Case—chosen because it was watertight and designed to withstand the toughest conditions, just like the pressure switch. Since the mailing quantities were small, we printed the brochure and gift tags at Hellman and personalized each one with the name of the recipient.

A package was mailed to several key decision makers inside each plant to stir up conversations prior to the sales rep making the follow-up call. The client was pleased with the results. The campaign helped secure meetings with key prospects they were targeting.

Collateral includes:

  • Direct response package
  • Personalized brochure
  • Free sample of switch
  • Landing page
  • Video

Dimensional mailers are a great way to grab potential customers’ attention. If you’d like to send out something truly unique, give Hellman a call—we’re always up for a new challenge.


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