Product Showcase Campaign


The Goal

Find ways to show how adhesives and tapes can be used to replace traditional fasteners

The Solution

Sometimes, the best way to believe is to see. Hellman created the Beyond Strong campaign, a series of videos that showed 3M’s tapes and adhesives being put to the test in Extreme Applications.

3M’s products outshone traditional industrial fasteners such as rivets and screws, demonstrated their sealing capabilities against a raging river and showed off their strength by lifting a huge amount of weight overnight. We even created a customer testimonial video that attested to the unique abilities of the adhesives and tapes.

The campaign also brought the adhesives and tapes straight to potential clients at trade shows, where it challenged booth visitors to think differently about the way they were assembling products. Visitors were entered into a giveaway for a GoPro camera and were able to submit their assembling challenges to find out how adhesives and tapes could help.

If you need a way to prove your products and engage with your clientele, trust Hellman to put together a campaign that’s original and engaging. Contact us today to get started.

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